3D CAD Modelling

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3D CAD Modelling

Using the latest technology to capture site details and using the most innovative software and modelling methods, Survey Operations have a dedicated team of experienced CAD personnel to create 3D models of any type or size of structure.

‘Revit’ models are regularly produced and are ‘BIM’ ready

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CAD Modelling Process

3D CAD Modelling is a process that revolutionises the way we visualise, design, and plan structures and products. It involves the creation of detailed three-dimensional models using CAD software. This technology allows for a high level of precision and accuracy in designing everything from small components to large buildings. CAD models provide a complete visualisation of an object, enabling designers and clients to view and understand every aspect and angle of the design before any physical construction or manufacturing begins.

The versatility of 3D CAD Modelling is one of its greatest strengths. It can be applied across various sectors, including engineering, architecture, and manufacturing. This adaptability allows our team to cater to a diverse range of client requirements, ensuring that every model we create meets the specific needs and standards of the project.

Moreover, the ability to perform analyses on these models, like stress tests or aerodynamic simulations, helps in optimising designs for functionality and sustainability. The ease with which modifications can be made in the digital model accelerates the design process, making it more efficient and cost-effective.

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