Engineering Surveys

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Engineering Surveys

Survey Operations have the resources and experience to provide engineering surveying services on both a long-term secondment basis and or short-term ad hoc basis to the client’s preference.

Engineering surveys can be undertaken in a third-party capacity to determine the accuracy of contractors ‘as-built’ work either when an issue arises or simply to determine the project’s progress.

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Benefits Of Engineering Surveying

Engineering surveys support the entire lifecycle of a project, from initial concept through to completion and maintenance. They are used in various sectors including civil engineering for roads, bridges, and dams; construction for buildings and industrial plants; and environmental engineering for assessing the impact of projects on natural resources and ecosystems.

These surveys employ sophisticated techniques and technologies such as GPS, laser scanning, and drones to capture data accurately and efficiently. By providing a detailed understanding of the physical and environmental conditions of a project site, engineering surveys enable the development of safe, sustainable, and cost-effective engineering solutions, highlighting their indispensable role in the successful execution of engineering projects.

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