Control Network Surveying

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Control Network Surveying

A control network is the framework of survey stations whose coordinates have been precisely determined and is considered definitive to the project.

Survey Operations have vast experience in determining accurate control networks specific to individual projects in ‘localised’ national grid coordinates and ‘local’ grid coordinates to enable a simpler fix to the proposed design grid for setting out purposes.

Dimensional control is fundamental to providing a project completed successfully in the most economical manner and within the proposed timescale.

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Benefits Of Control Network Surveying

Control Network Surveying is extensively utilised across a broad spectrum of industries, underpinning activities that require high precision in mapping and spatial data management. The construction and civil engineering sectors are primary users of this technology, relying on control networks to ensure the accurate placement and alignment of structures, ranging from buildings and bridges to roads and dams.

This work is critical for both the initial planning stages and ongoing construction activities, ensuring projects are built according to precise specifications and within legal boundaries. Similarly, the urban planning and development industry depends on control network surveying to create detailed and accurate city models, facilitating the efficient layout of utilities, transportation systems, and residential areas, while also managing land use and zoning practices.

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