Inland River Surveying

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Inland River Surveying

Survey Operations are one of the UK’s largest providers of data for river modelling and FRM studies with individual project lengths ranging from a few hundred metres to over 80km. EA approved with experience up to category 3 waters makes Survey Operations the ideal choice for river surveys.

In addition to standard profiling, we are continually developing specialisations to resolve our clients surveying needs. Having previously refined methodologies for scanned structures, fast flowing and culverted sections of watercourse, our most recent development involves the use of unmanned survey vessels to safely detail sections in dangerous river locations adjacent to weirs etc.

Working in association with our laser scanning, drone, culvert and hydrographic teams has enabled our river surveyors to provide a unified approach to the production of high quality, contract deliverables.

Fully conversant with EA based specifications and consultants’ digital requirements, our outputs can be provided in various formats including ISIS, Hec-Ras, MIKE 11, EACSD v4.0 and v4.01.

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Benefits Of Inland River Surveying

Inland river surveying offers a suite of benefits crucial for effective waterway management, infrastructure development, and environmental conservation. By accurately mapping river courses, depths, and bank profiles, this form of surveying aids in navigating, planning, and executing construction projects such as bridges, dams, and flood defences, ensuring they are built safely and sustainably.

Inland river surveys also play a pivotal role in flood risk management by providing data essential for modelling river flows and predicting flood plains, thereby helping to protect communities and agricultural lands from flood damage.

They support the maintenance of navigable waterways, facilitating the efficient movement of goods and people, which is vital for local economies.

Environmental conservation efforts benefit from the detailed insights it offers into river dynamics, habitat conditions, and pollution sources, enabling targeted actions to protect aquatic ecosystems. Overall, inland river surveying is foundational to managing water resources effectively, balancing human needs with environmental sustainability.

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