Lease Plan Land Registry Plans

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Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans

Survey Operations have regularly provided lease plans and property boundary plans to our clients since 1986 and since the Land Registration Act came into use in 2002, we also provide property title plans.

As regulated by the RICS, we provide professional expertise across the whole topic of compliant plans. We have experience of preparing land registry compliant plans, lease plans, boundary dispute resolution, boundary definition, expert witness provision.

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Land Registry Expertise

Our expertise in preparing Land Registry Compliant Lease Plans involves creating detailed, accurate drawings of leased properties. These plans are meticulously drafted to comply with specific guidelines set out by the HM Land Registry. They include clear representation of the property layout, indicating the leased area (demised premises), boundaries, and common areas, with a specific scale (commonly 1:200 or 1:1250 for urban properties, and 1:2500 for rural properties) and a clear North point for orientation.

Our lease plans are also distinguished by coloured edgings to define different parts of the property, with internal structures and access points clearly marked. This level of detail ensures that the plans are not only compliant with legal standards but also practical for property management and dispute resolution.

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