Topographical Surveys

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Topographical Surveyors

Survey Operations have been a major provider of topographical surveys for many of the UK’s major urban regeneration projects since we started up in 1986. From day 1 of the ‘Salford Quays’ / ‘Media City’ project, we prepared the control and original topographical mapping for the development of the former ‘ Manchester Docks’. Initially installing site control through to the as-constructed/supervision of the Malls in ‘Manchester’s Trafford Centre’.

Surveying greenfield, brownfield and re-development sites has been a major part of our workload.


Topographical surveys are carried out to the standards of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), using qualified surveying teams, receiving our high standards of training and we provide a competitive and cost-effective solution on sites throughout the Country.

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What Are topographical Surveys?

Topographical surveys are comprehensive mappings of land areas, detailing both natural and man-made features through precise measurements. These surveys are crucial for planning and design in various fields such as construction, engineering, and environmental management, providing essential data on terrain contours, elevations, and the location of physical features.

Utilising advanced technologies like GPS, LiDAR, and drones, topographical surveys help in assessing potential project obstacles, planning infrastructure, conducting environmental impact assessments, and evaluating flood risks. This foundational step ensures informed decision-making by offering a detailed spatial understanding of the surveyed area.

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