Mobile Mapping

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Mobile Surveying

Survey Operations have invested in the latest mobile mapping technology to provide our clients with a cost-effective way to undertake large-scale surveys in short timescales. This method creates measured data to full approved survey standards and accuracies.

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Highway Surveys

Survey data is collected by remote scanning from a number of methods. Leica’s Pegasus 2 vehicle-mounted scanners can be used to survey highway areas without traffic management costs, traffic disruption and health and safety concerns.

Coastal Surveys

Quad/ATV mounted scanners can be used to survey coastal locations to cover large areas of beaches and sea defences around tidal windows with minimal health and safety issues.

Point Cloud Data

The ZEB Revo’s handheld laser scanners can be used within structures to access all areas easily and quickly. Gathering point cloud data of all features within buildings in a fast and efficient way.

Point clouds are produced and can be presented as Autocad outputs, Revit 3D Models and BIM Models, etc. Mobile Mapping methods reduce man hours on site, reduce safety costs and speed up the issuing of data to clients.

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