Monitoring Surveying


Monitoring Surveys

Of all our client services, monitoring is probably the most diverse. However, whilst each particular requirement is, in fact, unique, all monitoring survey schemes are based on a combination of tried and tested methods and high-specification instrumentation operated by experienced survey personnel.

Depending upon the client’s requirement, the monitoring scheme may be geared toward identifying displacements in plan (X and Y), height (Z) or all three (X, Y and Z). In certain cases, such as those involving machine processes, progressive loading or tidal influence, the variation of X, Y and Z concerning time (T) may also be applicable to link the displacement data with other related parameters.

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Structural Movement

Based on traditional surveying techniques, deformation monitoring of structures has always been a fundamental activity of our company. As a result, we are proud of our continuing involvement with the redevelopment of Liverpool and Manchester. As well as, the preservation and refurbishment of historic structures throughout the UK.

Precise Levelling

Large area subsidence monitoring schemes are based on precise levelling methods and network adjustment calculations.

Being located in a former coal mining area, Survey Operations personnel have naturally gained extensive experience in large-area monitoring schemes relating to mining subsidence.

Over the years, these skills have also been applied to quantifying landfill settlement and as part of early warning systems for potential brinefield solution mining problems.

Survey Control Maintenance

Every project needs tight, accurate dimensional control, and the larger the project, the more important that control becomes. Equally important and often overlooked by many project managers is that during the construction phase, control stations will be progressively lost, and the accuracy of the overall system will be degraded to become dangerously sub-standard and decidedly unfit for purpose.

Coastal Monitoring

Survey Operations is one of the UK’s most experienced coastal erosion monitoring companies. Therefore, with over 25 years of experience with schemes from a few hundred metres to over 200 miles of coastal defences surveyed in hazardous environments.

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