Precise Levelling Surveying

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Precise Levelling Surveying

Large area subsidence monitoring schemes are based on a combination of precise levelling methods and network adjustment calculations.

Being located in a former coal mining area, Survey Operations personnel have naturally gained extensive experience of large area monitoring schemes relating to mining subsidence.

Over the years, these skills have also been applied to quantifying landfill settlement and as part of early warning systems for potential brinefield solution mining problems.

Nationally, brinefield schemes represent some of surveying’s longest running monitoring programmes and some have been operating for well over 50 years.

This work involves precise levelling over hundreds of acres of open countryside in and around the brine extraction areas to identify possible cavity deformation or other subterranean problems.

Increasingly, once fully developed, the underground brine cavities are being used for gas storage thereby ensuring that precise levelling skills will be needed long into the future.

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The Benefits Of Precise Levelling Surveying

Precise levelling surveying is a critical technique in the field of geodesy and civil engineering, offering numerous benefits that make it indispensable for various projects.

This method is renowned for its exceptional accuracy in measuring the elevation differences between points on the Earth’s surface, ensuring high precision in determining gradients, alignments, and the geometry of an area. It is instrumental in the construction and design of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and buildings, where precise elevation data are crucial for stability and drainage planning,

Precise levelling plays a vital role in monitoring land subsidence, aiding in flood risk management, and contributing to large-scale topographic mapping. By providing detailed and reliable elevation data, precise levelling surveying enables engineers and surveyors to make informed decisions, enhancing the efficiency and safety of construction projects and environmental management.

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