CAD Surveys

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CAD Surveys

Survey Operations have provided CAD services to our clients since the 1980s. As we have continued to invest in the latest software packages our range of CAD services has grown.

Today, we have access to many software packages such as Autocad, Bricscad, Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Suite, Truview, N4CE, 3D Reshaper, Reality Capture Photogrammetry, Pointools, Cyclone and Cloudworx to name a few.

Our outputs now include client point clouds converted to animations, 3D visualisations and panoramic tours. We output plant solid models, Revit 3D models and numerous video sequences to our client’s preferences.

As mobile mapping is becoming an important part of our surveying capacity, we can now generate ‘capturing reality’ models from our data collection methods to produce enhanced 3D models.

We are always happy to discuss a client’s individual requirements over their cad modelling projects.

Contact Survey Operations today to enquire about CAD Services.

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