Point Cloud Production

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Point Cloud Production

From our laser scanning field work, the fast collection of site data, of up to a million points of detail per second, can be provided to our experienced CAD department to create 3D modelling packages for our Architectural and Engineering client base.

The collection of data recorded, to an accuracy of +/-3mm, can be viewed as a ‘point cloud’ and is an identical representation of the laser-scanned subject. This data is scanned remotely and allows the safe collection of inaccessible details. Health and safety issues are minimised with risks substantially lowered.

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Point Cloud Surveys

Point cloud surveys offer a multitude of benefits across various industries by providing highly detailed, three-dimensional representations of spaces, structures, and objects.

This technology enables accuracy and precision, facilitating detailed analysis, modelling, and planning without the need for physical presence on-site. It significantly reduces time and costs associated with traditional surveying methods, while also minimising human error.

The data collected supports the creation of accurate 3D models for construction, architecture, engineering, and heritage preservation, allowing for better decision-making, efficient project planning, and enhanced communication between stakeholders.

Moreover, point cloud surveys can capture intricate details of complex environments, making it an invaluable tool for historical preservation, infrastructure development, and environmental studies, where detailed spatial information is crucial for analysis, restoration, and maintenance planning.

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