Revit Model Production

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Point Cloud Survey Into Revit

Using ‘point cloud’ data, imported into numerous commercial software systems, such as Revit, Autocad, Leica TruView, the results of computer generated 3D models, can also be produced into traditional 2d drawings or as ‘fly-through’ animations.

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Revit Modelling

The integration of Point Cloud Survey data into modelling software, is extensively utilised across various industries for its ability to enhance design, planning, and management processes.

In architecture and construction, this combination is crucial for creating precise 3D models of existing buildings for renovation or retrofit projects, allowing architects and engineers to work with accurate representations of current conditions.

The civil engineering sector leverages this technology for infrastructure projects, such as bridges and roads, ensuring designs are based on precise real-world data. Additionally, the heritage conservation industry benefits from the ability to create detailed models of historic buildings, enabling precise restoration and preservation efforts.

In interior design and facilities management, converting point cloud data into Revit models facilitates the efficient redesign and management of interior spaces. This approach significantly improves the accuracy of project planning, reduces project timelines, and minimises the risk of errors during the construction or renovation phase, demonstrating its broad applicability and value across diverse fields.

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