Threshold Surveys

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Threshold Flood Surveying

Property threshold surveying forms part of the flood protection requirements of the Environment Agency. Our dedicated survey teams are familiar with accessing buildings and measuring individual property locations where all doorway and openings are present so that our clients can calculate protection and damage limitations during flood periods.

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Threshold Level Surveyor

Threshold flood surveying supports the strategic placement of flood defences by identifying the most vulnerable locations, ensuring resources are allocated efficiently and effectively to mitigate flood impacts.

The data collected from threshold flood surveying play a pivotal role in long-term urban and regional planning. They inform the design and construction of infrastructure, ensuring resilience to future flood events through elevated building designs, improved drainage systems, and sustainable land use practices. For insurers and property developers, understanding flood thresholds helps in assessing flood risk for properties, influencing insurance premiums and guiding development away from high-risk areas.

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