Drone Surveying

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Drone Surveys

Survey Operations have invested in the latest Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of surveying and inspection services using the latest drone equipment and high-resolution cameras.

Using what is regarded as one of the best drones available, the Falcon 8 is light, manoeuvrable, has 8 rotors and offers many safety features. Due to this, the primary camera is a Sony digital SLR capable of survey data production of 10mm in level accuracy. In addition, we also use a Sony video for alternative digital outputs.

Use the contact form on the page to get in touch with Survey Operations about UAV Surveys.

Ground Modelling

Another area of UAV surveying is the ability to provide data to enable parcels of land to be accurately modelled from the air without site access restrictions.

From a completed flight over a particular parcel of land, the recorded data can be processed. Therefore, this is to provide a topographical survey with site images. Therefore, relief of the ground can be obtained easily. As well as this, models produced can be colour rendered to show general ground heights.

UAV Inspections

Survey Operations carry out inspections of structures that are inaccessible using our UAV technology. Due to this, roof areas of buildings, in particular, can be surveyed without needing access equipment for personnel. Therefore, this ensures a safe well-executed survey with very good quality data collected.

Video Productions & Digital Photography

Survey Operations uses UAV technology to offer additional options to clients to complement traditional surveying requests.

One area is video production from drone flights. Therefore, video footage can assist land and property owners and private and commercial developers. Due to this, video flights can show site conditions, sizes, and layouts and can be used in commercial applications.

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