Utility Surveying

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Utility Mapping Surveys

In the world of surveying, few companies take utilities as seriously as we do at Survey Operations, and even fewer come close in terms of survey expertise and equipment.
Whilst land surveyors map the visible world around us, utility surveyors detail the invisible world hidden beneath your feet. Therefore, at Survey Operations, our Utilities Surveyors are trained to do both, offering our clients a comprehensive one-stop, one-visit service.

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Utility Surveys

The Survey Operations Utility Department was established in 2002 to offer various services to locate and record underground services. Due to this, we use EML (Electro Magnetic Location) and GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) equipment to scan site areas to identify underground services.

In addition to the above methods, Radio Sonde equipment surveys drainage and ductwork for alignment and connectivity. As well as this, CCTV camera surveys and water jetting are additional services to supplement the survey results.

Utility Mapping To PAS128

All our utility surveys are undertaken to BSI specification PAS 128:2014. Therefore, this standard covers underground detection, verification and location and is identified by four survey types.

The survey results are provided in drawing and cad formats to recognised industry standards.

Drainage CCTV

Survey Operations offer full drainage CCTV camera surveys. Therefore, using industry-leading camera equipment and associated software, surveys will provide details of underground drainage systems.

Confined Space Surveys

Surveying within culverts and deep tunnels is fast becoming a lost art, and accordingly, our specialist confined spaces teams have never been busier. Water industry contracts mainly involve precisely traversing, detailing and aligning deep sewers, culverts, branches and connections.

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