Culverts & Deep Tunnel Specailists

Sewers and Culverts

Surveying within culverts and deep tunnels is becoming a lost art; accordingly, our specialist confined spaces teams have never been busier. Our contracts within the water industry predominantly involve the precise traversing, detailing and alignment of deep sewers and culverts.

Deep tunnel surveying specialists

Typically working in tunnels of 1.2m in diameter and above, these surveys require specialist surveyors applying tried and tested methods in an often hostile environment.

Commonly undertaken to enable the design of an above-ground piling layout, we recently positioned the entire Moorfields underground railway station complex in Liverpool relative to our surface topographical survey to enable the piling design for the new Magistrates Courts above.

We have also introduced 3D Laser Scanning methods to several confined space environments, allowing design visualisations and maintenance planning without further man-entry.

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