Slipforming Problems For Engineering Surveyors

Slipform Engineering

Slipforming poses several problems for engineering surveyors; vertical displacements and axis rotations will always occur despite close tolerance control systems.

In recent years, Survey Operations have been developing systems to minimise construction errors and quantify post-construction problems which would directly impact subsequent operations.

Frequently, we are called in at two or more stages per slipform to identify any widespread service core problems and assess tolerances on exposed openings and cast-in elements. This approach gives the earliest possible indication of complications and therefore minimises any programme delays which may arise.

On completion of a core, we will also complete an internal survey of each lift shaft to ensure tolerance compliance.

Using an approach we developed with one of the world’s largest lift manufacturers. We can define the maximum design operating rectangle for each shaft and provide internal setting-out information to assist with installation.

Reassuringly, having worked on some of Britain’s tallest buildings, Survey Operations name is associated with this type of surveying.

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