Blickling Hall

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Survey Operations were invited to survey elements of the 15th century Blickling Hall, located in the village of Blickling, north of Aylsham in Norfolk. The most famous inhabitant of the hall was Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII. Now owned by the National Trust.

Work involved the use of laser scanning and 360 degree photographic techniques to survey external elevations, ground, first and second floors and roof areas of the Long Gallery to provide digital computer drawings and a 3d model of the space to aid the conservation work.

These areas were surveyed internally and externally using a Leica HDS laser scanner with 360 degree camera. Images produced from the point cloud were external elevations and floor plan layouts, in addition ‘dolls house’ sectional visualisations were provided to show relationships between floors that had never been seen before.

Traditional elevations, floor plans and cross sections were also created from the scanning data for National Trust Architects to undertake the building conservation work. Images of the Case Study are provided to show the building features, with furniture and intricate room details.

The client was very pleased with our survey results and featured Survey Operations images in the National Trust quarterly newsletter ‘Waffle & Daub’.

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