Liverpool Arena Car Park Fire

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On new years eve 2017, the Liverpool arena car park caught fire after a parked vehicle ignited. The inferno recorded temperatures of over 1000 degrees centigrade and over 1000 vehicles were damaged. The estimated insurance claims will be over 20 million pounds.

Structure review

Liverpool city council appointed consultants to review the structure. Some of the concrete floor areas were burned through and the stair cores were suspected of instability.

Laser Scanning

With the whole building integrity being in doubt, a monitoring scheme was proposed. Due to the ‘non-contact’ ability of Laser Scanning, this method was decided upon to achieve the required results to allow the consultants to assess the structural strength of the building.

Survey Operations started a Laser Scanning monitoring study of the building in January 2018. Monitoring was undertaken on a monthly basis.

Due to the results from the Laser Scanning work, the consultants have decided to demolish the building. Demolition began in December 2018.

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