Mobile Mapping At Lancashire Development Site

Mobile Mapping At Lancashire Development Site2024-07-03T11:16:45+00:00

Mobile Mapping In Lancashire With Stream Up

Survey Operations were appointed to undertake an underground services survey of a site of some 400 acres in Lancashire. The site consisted of open farmland split into parcels.

The survey was required to locate all underground services entering the site so that consultants could undertake an assessment for proposed future developments.

The survey was undertaken using out Lecia ‘Stream Up’ mobile mapping system which consisted for a ground penetrating radar, Lecia GPS surveying equipment and computer data logging

The ‘Stream Up’ system was attached to a Kubota ATV to cover the ground quickly. The scanning was undertaken across the site area and completed within 5 day.

At various hars standing site locations, our mobile GPR was scanning at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. The Ground Penetrating Radar data was collected using computer techniques and processed at our main office with results sent to te client within five days of site completion.

We successfully located current utility services and also former military cables from the second world war, including buried storage containers in the minimum amount of time on site to comply with our clients short timescale requirements.

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