How Drone Surveying Became A Day-to-Day Method

Drone surveys

Using UAV/Drone technology has now become a day-to-day surveying method for Survey Operations.

From providing video presentation, in particular, for our Estate Agent clients to help sales of larger properties, to surveying inaccessible buildings, to large landfill sites for volume calculations, our ‘Falcon 8’ UAV has proved to be the right choice.

Qualified drone pilots

Using our in-house qualified pilots, approved by the CAA, flying the UAV’s to access remote and difficult locations has become the regular workload for our Mobile Mapping Department.

Results from the flights are video, point-cloud and animations. View our sample flight videos provided on the website.

If you would like to enquire about booking our UAV drone surveying service, please contact our surveying team through the website ,or call us on 01695 725662

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